"Sabrina Rupprecht shows us Africa through her paintbrush using Pink

- the colour of sensitivity and compassion -

for her incredibly detailed paintings of endangered animals."





February 2019, U.K. edition


Pink: the passion of red combined with the purity of white. 

I decided to paint endangered wildlife uniquely in pink to call out for compassion. 

I want to connect people to our environment, open their eyes to see its irreplaceable value. 

I hope you feel the magic that I felt from my encounters with these beautiful animals by showing you 

Africa, through my Paintbrush.  

~Sabrina Rupprecht

pink safari wildlife conservation 

Conservation belongs to all of us! 

Each PINK SAFARI art print sale proudly supports the Global Conservation Corps, a wildlife conservation initiative in South Africa committed to create change in two main areas: Educating people with their Future Rangers Program and protecting animals at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage.



Sabrina has also helped organisations such as Wildlife SOS and the Global Conservation Force with artwork donations for charity auctions in the ongoing fight against wildlife poaching and animal cruelty.

With her PINK SAFARI collection Sabrina Rupprecht aims to raise awareness of endangered African wildlife, exemplifying the beauty of these majestic species in the form of art.

After spending a year travelling through Southern and East Africa, Rupprecht developed a love for the continent, its fascinating cultures, exhilarating nature and wonderful wildlife.


Residing in Cape Town, South Africa, Rupprecht’s wildlife art is a reflection of her personal experiences, and an attempt to capture the essence and emotion of the animals with her own bright and vibrant interpretation of what she saw.

All artworks are hand-painted in a color spectrum of brilliant, popping pink paired with leering blue crystal eyes that strike a tone of both reverence and power which perfectly capture the essence of the animals.

Rupprecht combines two opposing styles in her technique: Viewed up close, the paintings seem to consist mainly of multiple layers of acrylic paint in random organic shapes. Viewed from the distance, the paintings come alive to figurative and photo realistic wildlife portraits which draw the viewer in. Multiple blocks and shapes of color are layered on top of each other in a time consuming process using a small paintbrush to create detail. 

Rupprecht's Pink Safari art has gained fast popularity internationally and are featured in numerous art and lifestyle magazines such as Galore magazine, DOLCE luxury lifestyle & fashion magazine, The South African Artist magazine, Good Art Guide, Art Knews magazine, Art San Diego and many more. Apart from various broadcasting and television interviews in which she discusses wildlife conservation and the power of art in our society, a publication highlight was a feature in the February 2019 issue of the British VOGUE - the world's number one fashion magazine.

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