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1. Take a photo of your room. Make sure to include furniture.


2. Fill in the form on this page. Try to include measurements. For example:

Couch - 81" (or 205cm) wide


3. Based on your info I create a preview for you and send it to your email.

I'm sure you'll LOVE it!

Art Preview Form

See my art on your wall before you buy it!

Would you like to see my art hanging on your wall BEFORE you decide whether you'd like to purchase it? Maybe you're not sure which size will look best or if the format will fit your wall.


I totally understand and would like to help. I'm offering a free-of-charge Art Preview Service. Simply send me a photo of your room and I'll create a preview of your chosen artwork on your wall within 24 hours.

Don't be shy, you can thank me later :)

Complete this form and upload your photo:

upload image

Thanks for submitting!


When you photograph your room, make sure that you take the photo in front of the wall (see example photos).

Also include your furniture / window / door / TV etc. in the photo. This will help determine the best artwork size for your wall.


If you'd like a more accurate preview of an artwork in your room, please include the measurements (in inch or centimetres) of one or more objects that are visible in your photo. For example: Couch - 81" (or 205cm) wide.

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