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Sabrina was born to a Sicilian mother and German father and raised in the countryside outside of Cologne, Germany. Since early childhood, she expressed her creativity through drawing and painting.


Inspired by the incomparable beauty and lifestyle of South Africa, she has been residing in the city of Cape Town since 2006. 


After spending one year travelling through eleven countries in Southern and East Africa she discovered her deep love for the continent, its fascinating cultures and breath-taking nature.


Her wildlife paintings are vibrant and vivid reflections of her personal experiences while her portrait art captures the spirit and emotion of each of her subjects. Her art is captivating, physically engaging and connects the viewer to the subject.


Her techniques include mixed media, ranging from classical graphite and charcoal drawing, color pencils and markers, to pastels, watercolor and acrylic painting.


Being entirely self-taught, her work inspires a large following on Instagram and has attracted clients all over the world to work with her.

“Drawing and painting have been a part of my life since the day I was able to hold a wax crayon.


My childhood was strongly influenced by the illness of my father who suffered from a heart disease which made normal family life impossible as his days were numbered. The circumstances lead me to drift off to a happier world through my art: While the real world around me was rainy, dark and grey, I would use the brightest colors to draw things that only existed in my imagination far away from the small village I grew up in.

Art very quickly became my favorite hobby, as it opened the door to a fantasy world of beauty and perfection that I could create entirely by myself to hide away from the challenging reality I was facing at the time. The more I practiced the more beautiful this world became and today I am grateful to be able to share it with you."

Sabrina Rupprecht

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