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Cherry Blossom Window Mural


Cherry Blossom window mural for Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters in Pentagon City, Arlington, Virginia.

For their spring launch of 2021 the coffee shop decided on the theme 'La Vie en Rose' (French for 'Life in Pink').
I designed and painted the window mural within the given budget, which included the theme's lettering and spring design of cherry blossoms and butterflies, creating an Instagram worthy storefront which attracted and delighted new and existing customers to the shop by announcing the new season in my signature pink color scheme.

This building was featured on countless Instagram accounts, including those of travel bloggers and tourism pages such as @bigntoasty and @discoverarlington.

Mural size: 12ft x 11ft (360cm x 340cm)

Material: Acrylic on glass

Client: Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters

520 12th St S, Suite 150
Arlington, VA 22202

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