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Multicolor Diamonds Mural Façade


Multicolor diamond shapes for large commercial building in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami.

The design for this commercial property was provided by an architect firm and had to be executed in the precise size and color pattern of the firm's blueprints.

After schooling on operating both a telescopic boom lift and a scissor lift, I completed the entire façade of this building in less than 4 weeks using exterior paint and painter's brushes.

Wall area: 196ft long x 32ft high
(60m long x 10m high)

The building is covered with approx. 900 diamond shapes which are visible from 4 blocks away as this building is higher than most other buildings in the area.

This building is situated in the Wynwood Arts District across the street from the famous Wynwood Walls outdoor museum and is now home to offices, stores and restaurants.

160 NW 26th Street
Wynwood, Miami FL 33127

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