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Pink Leopard Mural


Pink Leopard Mural in the Dupont Underground Art Gallery in Dupont, Washington, DC.

I painted the mural with the intention to help start a conversation and raise awareness among the visitors of the gallery.
Inspired by my experiences of living in South Africa and traveling the African continent extensively since 2006, I paint large scale portraits of endangered wildlife using a 'pink-only' color palette
as a symbol of sensitivity and compassion.

Dupont Underground is a 15,000sqft art gallery inside an abandoned subway station under the famous Dupont Circle in the heart of Washington DC. The space has been transformed into a platform for creative exchange and contemporary arts.

Mural size: 15x12ft (450cmx365cm)

Material: Acrylic on subway tiles

Dupont Underground Art Gallery
19 Dupont Cir NW
Washington, DC 20036

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