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Hand-Embellishing My Prints


I'm hand-embellishing some of my limited edition prints to make each of them a unique piece. Who's out here shopping for Christmas gifts already? Send me a message, if you're interested in a unique print of any of my Pink Safari paintings. Available sizes are 16, 32, 48 inch / 40, 80, 120 cm width.


Alsooo, a big shout out to the @paintpuck crew who equipped me with the latest range of their brush cleaning tools. To all the artists out here, I highly recommend their products. I did a review on them last year already, but they now offer the rinse cup in various sizes (quite practical depending on the project you're doing) and in my favourite colours pink and turquoise! Apart from looking pretty, this is by far the most efficient way to clean my brushes and avoid breaking the bristles. Trust me, it's a game changer if you enjoy painting and love your brushes!🖌️🤗🖌️❤️🖌️


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