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Courage in Progress


I'm calling this new piece I'm working on Courage.

For now it is a work in progress. And of course, something to always work on.

I'm a little nervous and unsure of the new challenges my move to the United States may bring, but for now my bags are packed and I'm ready for this new big chapter that begins tomorrow! Can't wait to arrive in Miami!

Found a big box of Promarkers here in Germany that I brought back with me from Cape Town a long time ago and, since I haven't used them in years, decided to plan my next piece just so I could draw with these markers again.

Started drawing the first layers of the base in my favourite marker colours Lilac, Rose Pink and Blossom, using a technique that looks similar to my large canvas paintings. And now I'm adding details with Polychromos pencils in white, matching tones of magenta and different shades of grey. I thought it could be interesting to combine these two techniques of solid colour shapes and details.

What are your thoughts?


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