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How I Store my Paint


In my happy world. 🎨❤️💜💙 Some of you asked me about those plastic containers I use to store my paint... here's why I love them: Acrylic paint dries very fast. If it's just one thin coat of paint, it literally dries within minutes. For the size of canvas I usually work on, I need quiet a lot of paint and one painting consists of 12-30 different colour shades. If I'd use a mixing palette, the paint would dry out way too fast and I'd be mixing more and more paint every day. So to prevent the paint from drying out too quickly, I mix my most needed colours in the containers which I can close airtight with the lids and reuse as I need them. While painting, I use a water spray bottle to spray just a fine mist every ten minutes or so onto the open paint to keep its surface wet. That way it won't dry out during painting. I find that the paints keep for months if I store them like this. I even travel with them in my suitcase. But if you try that, remember to tape them closed and wrap them in a bag or something. Oh and I buy them at Amazon. Well, I do now, but the first year, I just borrowed them permanently from fast food chains. Cape Town's secret dressing, ketchup and mayonnaise addict... 😁 I hope this is helpful for fellow painters here. Pick up a brush and enjoy ☺️💕


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