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Meet My Paint Brush Team


Meet the team: 🖌️🖌️🖌️ 😆

I thought it's time to introduce my 3 assistants without whom I wouldn't be able to create my art. 😊

It sounds crazy, but for all my canvases as large as 100x150cm / 39x59inch I only use these size 1 and 2 brushes for the entire painting apart from the background colour.

I've been using these 3 brushes for my last couple of pieces (lion, gorilla, elephant and now cheetah), so they've served about 500 hours of painting time so far and are still in perfect shape.

These ones are 'Princeton Art & Brush Co.', but I honestly don't care much about branding. For my acrylic paintings, I like to use synthetic brushes with a round tip. They hold and apply the paint best for my use. As long as they don't lose or bend any bristles they work for me.

I hope this is useful for all my art friends out here. Happy Painting!!! 🖌️🎨😘💕


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