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My Favourite Place


Rose, bubblegum, raspberry, cherry and pomegranate... I'm onto a new project and I need it 😊

Drawing and painting have been a part of my life since the day I was able to hold a wax crayon.

My childhood was strongly influenced by the illness of my dad who suffered from a heart disease which made normal family life impossible as his days were numbered. The circumstances lead me to drift off to a happier world through my art: While the real world around me made me sad, I used the brightest colors to draw things that only existed in my imagination far away from the small village I grew up in. Art very quickly became my favorite hobby, as it opened the door to a beautiful and happy fantasy world that I could create entirely by myself to hide away from the challenging reality I was facing at the time. The more I practiced my art, the more beautiful my imaginary world on paper became.

Art became a part of me, a necessity to survive, like breathing or eating. Some call it passion.

Decades later and not much has changed. Art still is my refuge from reality. The real world can be too much for me. Too harsh, too fake, too painful.

Pouring different shades of paint together, mixing new colors, drawing the first lines on a new canvas, turning the water from clear to pink the first time I wash out my brush in it... That's real. That's honest. That's my favorite place.

Not a bunch of pixels on a screen that die with your battery.

Not a bunch of words in the air that mean nothing to the person who promised them to you.

Time to go hide away in my happy world, to make something out of nothing, that is real and can be touched and enjoyed forever.

Don't worry, I'm happy to share it with all of you. 💗


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