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Shoot: Catching Happy Wynwood Colours


Once one of Miami's rough neighbourhoods, the Wynwood area has been transformed into one giant canvas where literally every single building is painted by artists with colurful patterns, murals and street art. It has become the Mekka for artists and art lovers and when I saw Wynwood at first two years ago, I was more thrilled than a kid that walked through Disney World for the first time. 😄 That's why I'm super excited about the opportunity to leave my own vibrant mark in this area by painting one of its largest commercial properties in my favourite colours (length 196ft / 60m, height 32ft / 10m). This will be my second mural project here in Wynwood and since it's very different from my portrait or wildlife art I'll document the process in my story highlights (Murals) instead of the timeline gallery, so tune in unless you're scared of heights. 😋😘💕

My friend and hobby photographer Alan went on a colour chase in the Wynwood art district and here's what we found:


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