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Why my Clothes Stay so Clean


Whenever I post pics of me working on my paintings the reactions are generally very loving and amazing, but I've also received some hilarious messages questioning whether I am really the artist of my own work. 😂

To some people, my painting technique doesn't fit their idea of what a 'real artist' is supposed to look like at work. My clothes and my work space are too neat and clean 🤔 Well, scrolling down my IG timeline it's obvious that my first love has always been very detailed realistic pencil drawing which I taught myself as a kid by trying it over and over until I got good at it. So when I started painting with acrylic paint on canvas, I didn't bother to learn about any painting techniques. I just grabbed a small brush and used it in exactly the same way I'd control a pencil. The way I hold a brush in my hand, is the same way I'd hold a pen to write with. I guess it's not the official 'artist way' of holding a brush, but it definitely works for me. 😜

Naturally, when working in snail speed as I do, there is no dripping or splashing with paint. I load my brush with a tiny amount of paint each time I dip it into paint and apply it. It takes me between 150-200 hours to paint a 3'x4' / 90cmx120cm canvas in my style. I've painted in 6 different apartments within the last year and wherever I travel, I just get a room and start working. So I don't have an actual 'art studio' that's why the pics are taken in different rooms with a different set up all the time. I also don't travel around with an easel, so I use whatever furniture I find to set up my canvas. I create my work either sitting on the floor or a chair, depending on what area of the canvas I'm painting on. I sometimes even put my canvas in my bed against the wall and paint in bed. And to top it all off, I oftentimes even work with the canvas upside-down to paint the lower parts of the canvas. But I haven't posted pics of that, because I figured that would just totally confuse people forever 😂😂😂


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